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A worldwide registry of strictly local businesses with export orientation, producing goods and services which reflect their country’s culture, abilities and beliefs.

These unique representative businesses of each country are presented in 12 categories, according to their products and services. Through our B2B platform (business to business) and our Madein-Mycountry International networks, they have a chance to establish themselves in a world-wide arena (branding) and at the same time increase their sales!!

How does it work?

▪ Profile Page - You have your own profile (presentation) page, which you can share through your own link, anywhere you like.

▪ Marketing Plan - Your company mission, presented in 2 languages, including your country’s language and English.

▪ 5 of your most representative product lines - 5 of your most representative product lines presented by way of a photographic carousel on your page.

▪ Open contact information - Your company’s contact information is presented freely and is easily accessible without any restrictions!

▪ Social media connected - Connection to all social media platforms you use (Facebook, Twitter, G+),so you can gian followers and inform your already existing public.

▪ Search Engine Optimization - SEO of your presentation within Madein-MyCountry’s networks for better promotion and optimization of search engine results.

▪ B2B Platform - Targeted showcasing of your products to qualified buyers in order to maximize sales.

▪ Branding - Branding Targeted promotion of your company and its products through social media and Madein-MyCountry communities, reaching potential end user customers, interested specifically in what you produce.

▪ E-shop - Your own #ReadyForSale e-shop at which represents the largest e-commerce portal in the world for local businesses.
This platform offers you the ability to monitor the development of your sales helping you determine product selection and pricing policies in various markets.

▪ Actual customers - Actual customers for you around the world, through our international network of associates’ constant sales effort.

▪ Logistic assistance - Experienced Logistics consultation for your international sales effort.